Smoky & Aromatic Spice Blend, 50g/100g

Smoky & Aromatic Spice Blend, 50g/100g

A carefully chosen combination of spices that won’t overpower your ingredients, instead, giving depth and a gentle warmth to the finished dish.  With aromas of spice and smoke, this blend balances fragrant and savoury flavours.  Subtle woody hints and soft spices work beautifully to bring out the taste of ingredients that might otherwise be a little bland – used against a backdrop of red lentils it highlights their natural nutty flavour, making a soft, comforting dal; teamed with one or two sweet vegetables, it creates dishes that range from the surprisingly delicate to rich and hearty.


Alongside the blend of ground and tiny whole spices (including black cumin, carraway and dill seeds) we’ve selected four large whole spices to include, all of which add richness:  black cardamom pods which are dried over fire pits after harvesting, developing a flavour distinctly different to green cardamoms that is great for imparting a smoky depth;  Guajillo chillies, mild to medium in heat, with a bright, tangy and slightly fruity taste;  and cassia and star anise, both with an inherent sweetness that adds an extra dimension to savoury dishes.  To build a layer of flavour, gently toast these four whole spices before adding to your recipe.  Discard them before serving, except for the Guajillo chillies which soften during cooking.  Remove any large pieces of chilli that haven’t yet broken down, roughly chop and stir back in to make the most of their unique flavour.


    The spices we skilfully combine give such a flavour boost on their own, so we don't add salt or sugar to our blends. Some spices have an inherent sweetness - combining these makes delicious, sweet-tasting blends. The one exception to our rule on sugar is our Sugar Spice finishing blend, in which we use small pieces of crystallised ginger for its delicious chewy texture and spicy-sweet flavour. Other spices we utilise for their deeply savoury qualities. Salt is sometimes used whilst processing sumac berries and in curing chillies such as Urfa and Aleppo, and as such, may be present in small quantities in some of our blends. We use red miso powder, which is made with salt, as an ingredient in our Savoury and Rich spice blend.

    You may like to add a sprinkle of salt to your food when cooking with our spice blends - we leave the choice up to you!


    Spices are best stored in airtight packaging, away from sunlight and heat.  To keep our spice blends as fresh as possible, we pack them into resealable, opaque pouches.  Seal after each use and store away from sunny windowsills and sources of heat, such stovetops.  If you forget to seal the pouch, the spice blend may begin to lose aroma.  Please note that even if you keep our spice blends sealed securely, you may notice some clumping - this is because we do not use the anti-caking additives.  Don't worry if this happens - simply give the blend a stir or use your fingertips to break down any small clumps.


    Guajillo chillies, cassia sticks, star anise, black cardamom pods, smoked garlic granules, coriander, cumin, fennel, allspice, mace, ajwain seeds, black pepper, bay, asafoetida, fenugreek


    For allergens, see items listed in bold in ingredients list.


    At spicy chameleon, we believe spices should be celebrated. Our versatile spice blends will bring creativity to your kitchen – use them alone or try in combination with our finishing blends to introduce even more layers of flavour to your cooking!


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