Interesting Spices Gift Tin

Interesting Spices Gift Tin

Our interesting spices gift tin is an ideal gift for creative cooks! We've chosen six of our favourite spices, some ground and some whole, for adding gorgeous aroma and flavour to your cooking. To keep these spices at their best, they're stored in individual, lightproof and airtight tins, and we've presented them in a rectangular lidded tin for easy storage - no losing spices at the back of the cupboard! Hints and tips for usage are included, so you can get started right away with including these in your everyday cooking.


Set contains:

•black cardamom pods

•urfa chilli flakes

•ajwain seeds

•black lime powder

•pink peppercorns


Each individual tin contains between 20-25g of single spices. Occasionally, we may substitute one or more of the pictured spices for others not listed.

At spicy chameleon, we are passionate about using spices to elevate any meal. We don't confine spices to specific cuisines, instead, we focus on the flavour profiles of each one, creating versatile, imaginative blends for you to incorporate into everyday cooking. We believe spices should be celebrated. Cook with our spice blends, use our finishing blends as table seasonings, and explore both along with single spices in our spicy chameleon box - letterbox friendly and available as either a one-off purchase or a subscription.



    The spices we skilfully combine give such a flavour boost on their own, so we don't add salt or sugar to our blends. Some spices have an inherent sweetness - combining these makes delicious, sweet-tasting blends. The one exception to our rule on sugar is our Sugar Spice finishing blend, in which we use small pieces of crystallised ginger for its delicious chewy texture and spicy-sweet flavour. Other spices we utilise for their deeply savoury qualities. Salt is sometimes used whilst processing sumac berries and in curing chillies such as Urfa and Aleppo, and as such, may be present in small quantities in some of our blends. We use red miso powder, which is made with salt, as an ingredient in our Savoury and Rich spice blend.

    You may like to add a sprinkle of salt to your food in combination with our finishing blends - we leave the choice up to you!


    Spices are best stored in airtight packaging, away from sunlight and heat. To keep our finishing blends as fresh as possible, we pack them into screw-lid tins. Replace the lids after each use, and store away from sunny windowsills and sources of heat, such stovetops. If you forget to replace the lid, the finishing blend may begin to lose aroma. Please note that even if you keep our finishing blends sealed securely, you may notice some clumping - this is because we do not use anti-caking additives. Don't worry if this happens - simply give the blend a stir or use your fingertips to break down any small clumps.


    Ground and whole spices and herbs - see product pages for the individual lists.


    For allergens, see items listed in bold in ingredients lists found on each product page.


    At spicy chameleon, we believe spices should be celebrated. Our versatile spice blends will bring creativity to your kitchen – use them alone or try in combination with our finishing blends to introduce even more layers of flavour to your cooking!


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