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Fiery & Fruity Rub

Fiery & Fruity Rub

Here's one for the chilli fans - our Fiery & Fruity Rub, designed to put a smile on the face of every heat lover.  Alongside a big kick given by trio of chillies, this blend is full of fruity flavours and spiced depth from rich, tangy anardana (a spice made from whole pomegranates) and tasty garlic, pepper, allspice, nutmeg, thyme and oregano. It's fantastic used as a dry rub or alongside a splash of oil on duck, steak and salmon.  Or try mixing it with pomegranate molasses, oil and soy to make a deeply flavoured marinade to brush over tofu, cauliflower, halloumi or chicken wings.  Liven up tempura batter, soups and stir fries by stirring in just a tiny touch of this blend, and try it lightly sprinkled over simple dishes of spaghetti dressed with olive oil and parmesan or crispy onions, using less or more depending on your presonal preference for chilli heat.

  • Ingredients

    Anardana, ancho chilli, garlic*, aji amarillo chilli, green pepper, habanero chilli, oregano, thyme, allspice, nutmeg, black pepper

    *contains SULPHITES

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